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September 29, 2023

10 Tips for Buying Property in Jaco, Costa Rica


As the real estate market in Jaco, Costa Rica, continues to surge, many investors and potential homeowners are looking to make a mark in this exotic paradise. Known for its pristine beaches and rich biodiversity, Jaco has become a hub for international buyers. But, as with any real estate market, there are nuances and intricacies that one must understand. This article delves deep into essential tips for making a wise property purchase in Jaco.

  1. Understand the Legal Framework
  2. Restrictions and Regulations: Foreign buyers often assume that property acquisition rules are similar across borders. However, Costa Rica has its own set of laws concerning real estate. Familiarize yourself with the Costa Rican property ownership laws, especially regarding beachfront properties, which come with unique restrictions.
  3. Title and Property Rights: Costa Rica operates on a “fee simple” basis, which is akin to the property rights in many Western countries. Still, always conduct a thorough title search to ensure the legitimacy of any property purchase.
  4. Engage a Local Expert
  5. Importance of Local Knowledge: A local real estate agent or lawyer can offer invaluable insights into the Jaco property market. They can guide you through the process, offer translation services if needed, and even provide tips on which neighborhoods are up-and-coming.
  6. Verification of Credentials: Ensure that your chosen expert is accredited by the Costa Rican Chamber of Real Estate or a similar recognized body.
  7. Consider the Resale Value
  8. Future Market Predictions: Jaco is a growing market, but it’s crucial to think long-term. What are the predictions for the area’s growth? Are there upcoming infrastructural developments?
  9. Property Characteristics and Resale: Properties with beach access, views, or proximity to amenities typically hold better resale value.
  10. Inspect, Inspect, Inspect
  11. Potential Pitfalls: Even new-looking homes can have hidden issues in Jaco due to the tropical climate. Look out for water damage, structural issues, and pest infestations.
  12. Professional Assessment: Always have a property inspected by a professional before making any commitments.
  13. Factor in Additional Costs
  14. Closing Costs: In Costa Rica, closing costs can be a significant factor. Factor in legal fees, registration, and transfer taxes.
  15. Maintenance and Upkeep: Given the tropical environment, maintenance can be higher than one might expect, especially for wooden structures.
  16. Look Beyond the Main Street
  17. Exploring the Less Obvious: Some of the best property deals in Jaco can be found a little off the beaten track. Don’t be afraid to explore beyond the primary tourist zones.
  18. Balancing Accessibility with Privacy: Properties further from the main area might offer more privacy but consider accessibility, especially during the rainy season.
  19. Consider Financing Options
  20. Local Banks vs. International Institutions: Local banks might offer better interest rates, but international institutions might be more flexible with foreigners.
  21. Loan Terms: Always read the fine print. Loan terms and conditions can vary significantly from what you might be used to in your home country.
  22. Think About Rental Potential
  23. Tourist Traffic: Jaco is a popular destination, and properties with rental potential can provide an additional income stream.
  24. Seasonal Variations: Remember that tourist traffic can be seasonal. Ensure you’re prepared for off-peak months.
  25. Stay Updated on Local Developments
  26. Municipal Plans: Be aware of any upcoming municipal plans that might affect property values, such as new infrastructure or zoning changes.
  27. Community Engagement: Engage with local community boards or associations to stay informed.
  28. Trust Your Instincts, But Be Prepared
  29. Emotional Investment: It’s easy to fall in love with a property, especially in a place as beautiful as Jaco. However, always back up emotional decisions with solid research.
  30. Due Diligence: Never rush into a purchase. Take your time, do your research, and always be prepared for potential pitfalls.


Investing in Jaco, Costa Rica, can be a lucrative and rewarding experience. By understanding the local market, engaging with experts, and approaching each purchase with a blend of passion and pragmatism, you can make the best decisions for your property portfolio. 

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