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October 3, 2023

Dining with a View: Best Restaurants Overlooking Manuel Antonio


Manuel Antonio, located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, boasts not only a renowned national park replete with diverse wildlife but also pristine beaches and breathtaking views. Many restaurants have leveraged these stunning vistas, creating dining experiences that pair culinary delights with visual wonder. This report seeks to clinically analyze the top establishments that provide both exceptional food and unrivaled views of Manuel Antonio.

  1. El Avión:
  • Location and View: Perched on a ridge, El Avión provides patrons with panoramic views of the ocean and surrounding rainforest. The restaurant’s unique feature, a decommissioned C-123 Fairchild plane, adds a historic touch to the scenic vista.
  • Culinary Highlights: El Avión’s menu emphasizes Costa Rican flavors. Seafood dishes, notably the ceviche and grilled mahi-mahi, receive particular acclaim.
  1. La Luna Restaurant at Gaia Hotel:
  • Location and View: Situated within the Gaia Hotel and Reserve, La Luna offers an elevated dining experience overlooking the lush rainforest and the expansive Pacific Ocean. The sunset views here are particularly remarkable.
  • Culinary Highlights: A fusion of international and local flavors, the menu features organic and locally sourced ingredients. Standout dishes include the seared tuna with passion fruit sauce and the braised beef short ribs.
  1. Café Milagro:
  • Location and View: While it’s nestled more within the town rather than on a ridge, the outdoor seating area of Café Milagro provides a quaint view of the tropical surroundings.
  • Culinary Highlights: Best known for its breakfast menu and coffee offerings, Café Milagro roasts its beans on-site. Their Costa Rican typical breakfast and freshly baked pastries are especially noteworthy.
  1. Arbol Restaurant:
  • Location and View: This eatery, located within the Tulemar Resort, offers diners a serene view of both the jungle and the ocean, establishing a tranquil dining ambiance.
  • Culinary Highlights: Arbol’s chefs present a mix of international and Costa Rican dishes. The seafood risotto and the coconut curry are among the favorites.
  1. Emilio’s Café:
  • Location and View: Positioned on a hill, Emilio’s Café offers a clear view of the Manuel Antonio coastline. The laid-back atmosphere is complemented by occasional live music sessions.
  • Culinary Highlights: With an emphasis on fresh and healthy ingredients, Emilio’s Café provides an array of dishes from wood-fired pizzas to traditional Costa Rican casados. Their range of desserts, particularly the cheesecake, is commendable.


Manuel Antonio’s restaurant scene is enhanced by the stunning natural beauty of its surroundings. Diners can expect a multisensory experience – tantalizing tastes complemented by captivating views. While the establishments mentioned above are among the most notable in terms of views and culinary offerings, they represent just a fraction of the gastronomic diversity present in this coastal gem.

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